Extreme Recess


In the year 2000 Dreams for Kids realized that there were no organized sports in Illinois for kids with disabilities. The sense of isolation a child feels when he or she is always on the sidelines is heartbreaking and it effects every area of that child’s life as well as their family. We thought, what if all that changed? What if a child long since denied could come from the sidelines into the activities of their dreams? We did not think about it for long. We partnered with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and together we created a summer sports program for kids with disabilities. A few years later we created our own enterprise and expanded it to year long opportunities for life changing activities. The kids named it Extreme Recess.

Extreme Recess gives children ages 4-24 with physical and developmental challenges the opportunity to participate in sports, often for the very first time. Adaptive sporting events from snow and water-skiing, to martial arts and baseball, allow youth to realize a physical potential previously unimaginable while having the time of their life! Our clinics function successfully by offering a 1:1 volunteer to participant ratio at each clinic so every child is engaged effectively.

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Youth have opportunities to expand their social lives as they come from the sidelines of life to participate in the activities of their dreams. Extreme Recess brings children the joy of teammates and new friends who cheer their ability and success. By partnering with local professional teams and sports associations, the children are able to interact with pro athletes at a personal level. The confidence, self-respect, and motivation gained during the events carry over to the classroom and empower them to passionately learn and seize each and every day.