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Extreme Recess was created on the realization that there were no organized sports in Illinois for children with disabilities.We partnered with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and together we created a summer sports program for these children. Extreme Recess is the first adaptive sports program of it’s kind. It gives children with physical and developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in sports. The sporting events range from snow and water skiing to baseball. We give these children a reason to believe they have the ability that they once thought non-existent. 

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Youth have opportunities to expand their social lives as they come from the sidelines of life to participate in the activities of their dreams. Extreme Recess brings children the joy of teammates and new friends who cheer their ability and success. By partnering with local professional teams and sports associations, the children are able to interact with pro athletes at a personal level. The confidence, self-respect, and motivation gained during the events carry over to the classroom and empower them to passionately learn and seize each and every day.

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What People are Saying About Extreme Recess:

“Cannot even speak about Extreme Recess without tearing up – Such an amazing & wonderful day for EVERYONE. & we can hardly wait for next year. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” -Kate Zrenner
“I can not express to you the joy my participants had on Thursday. They went to their consecutive homes and discussed the days events with their staff/parent/caregiver. The participants came in this morning to their day program and were still talking about it! I am so grateful to Extreme Recess for supplying such an incredible event for the truly “special” individuals. As a parent and a Program Director I want to thank you for including our kids and young adults in activities that they might not have normally been included in. Your staff of volunteers were so caring, well trained and compassionate” -Ayana