We need you! If you join our movement now, we will be one person closer to making the change which we all seek. Grassroots effort will be a deciding factor in the success of our programs. Thank you for signing up now to volunteer.

How You Can Help: We always need volunteers at all of our program events. Take a look at our upcoming events and see how you can get involved today!


Dream Leader

Dream Leaders is an extraordinary student leadership program developed to celebrate and enhance the unique ability in every child. This program gives them opportunities of service while working alongside children of diverse backgrounds.


Holiday for Hope

Holiday for Hope gives children the opportunity to have a Christmas like never before. The celebration brings people from around the world together to give the gift of hope.


Extreme Recess

Extreme Recess gives children with physical and developmental challenges the opportunity to participate in an adaptive sports program. This program allows them the chance to experience sports, often for the first time.

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